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  1. Ginkgo Biloba Extract , Green Tea Extract, Curcumin, Aged Garlic Extract,Folic Acid,Pyridoxine HCI,Thiamine Mono, Methylcobalamine,Piperine, Softgelatin Capsules

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Oxidative Stress
Synutrop is a power packed combination of strong antioxidants, all the ingredients in Synutrop offers protection from oxidative stress1-7

Environmental Influence & Aging
GTE, GBE, AGE & B Group vitamin in Synutrop protects the brain from environmental influence & aging

Abnormality of Gene
Flavnoid in GBE & GTE along with Curcumin In Synutrop regulates faulty gene expression to protect the brain

Glutamate Toxicity
EGCG, in GTE & Thiamin in Synutrop protects the brain from GI utamate excitotoxicity

Mitochondrial Dysfunction
EGCG, in GTE, GBE & Thiamin in Synutrop regulates the Mitochondrial Dysfunction in brain3

Defect of Neurotrophic Factor & Abnormal Phosphorylation
GTE, GBE, AGE & Thiamin in Synutrop protects the brain from Neurotrophic factor

Aggregation of Abnormal Protein
EGCG, in GTE, Curcumin & GBE along with Thiamin in Synutrop protects the brain from generation & aggregation of abnormal protein