Nutraceutical & Phytoceuticals is the new buzz word in the pharmaceutical arena as it seems to hold a great future and promising growth which will drive the industry in future. It is not something new in the pharmaceutical industry, and even in India & not of in this world. Nutraceuticals are being sold in India from the time industry came into being, in fact few Indian giants have their own Nutraceutical divisions, whereas phytoceuticals are relatively new to Indian pharma industry and are being promoted from last few years only, but the way they are sold and being prescribed are different from what we do at Bonum Medelae Pvt. Ltd.aim at.

At Bonum Medelae, we want to give Nutraceutical and Phytoceuticals an image and focus which nobody till the date has given, as they hold great therapeutic potential. Year after year new drugs from Multinational Giants are failing and the drugs which were approved in the recent past are also being withdrawn in almost all the therapeutic segments. On the other hand molecular science is evolving fast and so as our understanding of the phytochemicals and their mode of action in specific diseases. Hence we want to focus on Nutraceuticals and Phytoceuticals so as to develop innovative therapies for the rampant chronic diseases in the society and hence free the ailing society, thus providing Good Health to All i.e. “Sarve Santu Niramaya”.


At Bonum Medelae, Values & Ethos are central to business success of any corporate who want to excel with responsibility. We place great importance not just on what we will achieve but on how we will achieve it. We know that being responsible means a lot and we at Bonum Medelae Pvt. Ltd. put accountability at the forefront of our core values. We are building slowly but surely on our strong ethical values and ethos by developing policies which are central to our core competencies and above all are ethical for social wellbeing and corporate governance. We are recruiting the right people and equipping them with the information they need to market the product in an ethical manner and take sound decisions as and when required.


At Bonum Medelae, We believe that our Professional sales representatives play a pivotal role in providing up-to-date information to doctors on our products and their benefits and risks to patients. However, we recognize that the marketing of pharmaceutical products raises some challenging issues. Some people are concerned that marketing by pharmaceutical companies exerts undue influence on doctors thus biasing them towards the products on one particular company or that sale representatives do not always give doctors full information about potential side effects or that promotion of unapproved uses of medicines may be occurring. Our marketing code forbids these practices and other unethical conduct. We provide regular training for sales teams and monitor compliance. Besides we follow strictly the guide lines of Code of Conduct laid down by OPPI, the largest pharmaceutical producer’s body in India.


At Bonum Medelae, We believe in providing an open environment to help build a foundation of trust and respect among our colleagues, health care professionals, patients and the public. We operate our business with high standards of business integrity and ethics; complying with the current laws and regulations. We strongly believe in the importance of making information about our medicines available as we continue to seek a better understanding of the needs of our patients and customers.


At Bonum Medelae, Sustainability has three elements – Society, Environment and Economy & all three are interdependent. We will not be successful in our ultimate goal without meeting our responsibilities towards all the three, and equally we cannot contribute to society and environmental protection without economic success. We try to balance these three elements in all aspects of managing our business by high level of corporate governance, creating quality and rewarding employment, ensuring access of our products who need them, valuing our employees and protecting their safety & reducing the environmental impact of our business operation by using environmental friendly materials & procedures in our operation at all the stages.