QUELKOF-EX Syrup (Guaiphenesin, Terbutaline Sulphate Bromhexine Hydrochloride, & Menthol Syrup)

Guaifenesin (Guaiphenesin or Glyceryl Guaiacolate) and Bromhexine hydrochloride is a mucolytic (expectorant) agent. It is a medication used to the treat respiratory disorders associated with viscid or excessive mucus. Usually prescribed to patients having a cough, it helps dissolved hard phlegm which makes breathing difficult. They are found in a combination of over the counter medicines to treat a cough and a cold problem which is usually linked to respiratory problems like allergies, common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, flu etc. Terbutaline is a beta agonist’s drug that will give ease to symptoms like chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath. Menthol extracts help provide coolness and ease of consumption.

  • Bronchitis with Bronchospasm
  • Bronchial Asthmalrtis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)
  • Bronchitis with Emphysema
  • Bronchiectasis Tracheobronchitis & Cough Associated with TB