Co-Enzyme Q10,Omega 3 Fatty Acid,Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Arginine, Piperine, Multivitamin & Multimineral Soft Gelatin Capsules



  • In patients of cardiomyopathy CoQ10 significantly improves ejection fraction, cardiac output, NYHA class & overall survival rates compare to contro11
  • In CHF patients CoQ10 offers sustained improvement in cardiac function apart from significantly reducing the pulmonary oedema2
  • CoQ10 concentration was an independent predictor of mortality in patients with CHF & CoQ1 O deficiency might be detrimental to the long-term prognosis of CHF3
  • In patients with Angina Pectoris CoQ10 significantly increased exercise tolerance and increased the time until ST-segment depression occurred, apart form reduction in frequency of anginal episodes4
  • In hypertensive patients CoQ10 reduces BP by reducing the peripheral resistance & reduce the requirement of multiple antihypertensive drugs after 4 to 5 months5
  • Antioxidant supplementation significantly increased large and small artery elasticity in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors, was associated with an improvement in glucose and lipid metabolism as well as decrease in blood pressure6


  • Significantly reduces infarct size by upregulating heat shock protein & activating myocardial membranes7
  • EPA & DHA in Omega-3 fatty acids can increase arrhythmic thresholds8 , reduce blood

  • pressure,9•10 improve arterial and endothelial function,11 reduce platelet aggregation,12 & favorably affect autonomic tone