ABF-100 Tablets

Thiamine Hydrochloride Tablets IP 100mg

  • The incidence of thiamin deficiency ranges from 13% to 93% in patients with HF, & is more severe in elderly patients with NYHA functional class III/IV
  • Thiamin increases LVEF BY 22% in Patients with long term Furosemide Therapy, as latter is known depilatory of Thiamin

  • Thiamin deficiency can induce high output cardiac failure due to the accumulation of pyruvate & lactate

  • Thiamin administration for 1 month significantly decreased glucose & leptin concentrations in drug-native patients with T2DM.

  • Low plasma thiamin concentration is prevalent in patients with type I & TYPE II diabetes, associated with increased thiamin clearance

  • High dose thiamin therapy restores the faulty Pentose Phosphate Pathway in hyperglycemia, thus prevents multiple mechanisms of biochemical dysfunction and hence the development of incipient diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy & retinopathy were prevented

  • Thiamin prevents hyperglycemia-induced mitochondrial overproduction of ROS by all major pathways of diabetic cellular damage via transketolase activation.

For the treatment of thiamine deficiencies due to increased dietary requirements, reduced intakes, reduced absorption or increased excretion. Also for treatment of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, beriberi and thiamine deficiency related to chronic alcoholism.

Situations often accompanied by marginal thiamine deficiency and requiring supplementation include but are not limited to:

• Regular heavy drinking / chronic alcohol consumption

• High carbohydrate intakes

• Heavy physical exertion

• Compromised nutritional status

• High dose diuretics

• Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus


Thiamine Hydrochloride Tablets IP 100mg